CMA Commences Containerveyor Project for the Western Sydney Metro

CMA Commences Containerveyor Project for the Western Sydney Metro

13th September 2022

Conveyor Manufacturers Australia (CMA) is pleased to announce the commencement of a Containerveyor project with the CPB Contractors & Ghella Joint Venture (CPBG) for the Western Sydney Metro Tunnelling Project.

CPBG approached CMA to design, engineer and supply a ‘temporary’ 300m conveyor system at the Orchard Hill TBM tunnel entry portal to support initial works and startup of the TBM. CMA Chief Executive Chris Vinson said, “With CMA’s patented Containerveyor modules, our system minimises time of installation, reduces dust and noise both on site and for the surrounding community, and allows this conveyor system to be easily transported and reused.”

This ‘temporary’ configuration allows CPBG to quickly commence TBM works on site, then rapidly redeploy the system to subsequent tunnel portals with minimal relocation cost and effort.

Mr. Vinson added, “Following an unforeseen development, CPBG departed from the original conveyor plan and was pleased to find a dynamic company with the ability to respond quickly. We are proud to support the civil / tunnelling industry with innovative material handling solutions.”

CMA has commenced the initial detailed design & engineering phase, following which the company expects to procure and install the TBM startup conveyor system in early 2023.

Containerveyor is a modular conveyor system alternative to conventional surface conveyors. Modules are constructed and shipped to customers where they are quickly installed in a ‘plug-and-play’ format. Container modules can be connected in series, or even stacked vertically, to suit a number of applications. Find out more here

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