Longwall Mining

Bord & Pillar

Underground Mining


Longwall Mining

  • Improve productivity in gateroad development; increase development float
  • Remove the need to stop the longwall to retrieve the conveyor
  • Extension and retraction occurs at the outbye end, away from the goaf

Bord & Pillar Mining

  • Significant reduction to belt move times dramatically increases productive uptime
  • Conveyor keeps up with the moving working face
  • Mobile boot end enables continuous haulage rates

Underground Mining

  • Both soft rock and hard rock operations can benefit from continuous haulage
  • Greatly increases decline & drift development, decreasing time to mine production

Civil Tunnelling

  • Material removal identified as a critical barrier in civil tunnelling advance rates
  • Improve utilisation of TBMs and Road headers
  • Minimise duration of disruption to surrounding stakeholders

Safer. Environmental. Productive.

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