About us

CMA is an Australian technology company founded on innovation which is constantly striving to improve the ways in which we transport bulk materials for industrial operations.

We understand what drives your business.

CMA started with a problem which desperately needed solving – reducing wasted time in underground material handling operations. By combining firsthand experience with imagination, the Redline underground conveyor system was born.

Subsequently, the founders joined their modularised fabrication experience with a desire to make conveyor systems more flexible and accessible, resulting in the Containerveyor.

Rather than accepting problems and inefficiencies which face our industry, CMA’s mission is to tackle them head on. Our team is not afraid of big problems. We are excited by the prospect of helping heavy industries become safer, greener, more efficient, and more productive.

Our Team

CMA technologies were designed by industry veterans who developed a suite of clever products to drive operational improvements in heavy industries. The team incorporates Australian engineers, financial advisors, a board with 100+ years’ experience in the mining industry and an on-the-ground delivery team with 50+ years’ experience working in engineering, finance and mining projects.

Rob Adamson


Chris Vinson

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Smith

Founder & Director

Andrew Jolly

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Rossiter


Bill Johnson

Principal Engineer

Steve Hantos


Daniel Malone

Design Manager

Our Values

CMA aims to deliver quality solutions to our customers that significantly improve their productivity, reliability and safety.

CMA is also guided by a clear set of Values that are the core governing principles of everything that is done and regulates all decisions made.

These values are central to how CMA operates with clients, each other, the community and our investors.




16-Eco industry





Environmental, Social and Governance Principles

Environmental, Social and Governance Principles (ESG) principles reflect our core values.

We believe a commitment to ESG principles is fundamental to creating and maintaining integrity within the industry.

Accordingly, we are committed to partnering with companies that not only share our principles, but also demonstrate a history of strict legal compliance, local community engagement and sustainability practices.

An ESG issue will be considered material if it has the potential to negatively affect our stakeholders, our reputation or our business. We believe embedding ESG practices throughout our business assists us to deliver superior results and provides our clients with comfort, knowing their supplier is concerned with managing risks and the impacts of its product.

  • promote ethical and responsible decision making;
  • fully comply with anti-bribery and corruption rules and regulations;
    uphold a strong foundation for management;
  • maintain structures to safeguard the integrity of financial reporting;
    respect the rights of, and provide effective and transparent disclosure to, all stakeholders;
  • provide fair remuneration to employees and support collective bargaining arrangements; and
  • promote inclusivity and diversity, including through investing in training and educational programmes.


At CMA we are always interested in hearing from candidates who embrace new ideas and are keen to join an innovative technology start-up. Please direct your expressions of interest and applications to info@cmacv.com


Head Office: 6 Shipley Dr, Rutherford NSW 2320, Australia

Corporate Office: Level 34, Grosvenor Place Tower,
225 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia 

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