Future Innovations

Roll-over Idler

The unique roll-over idler used for the Redline system has broad potential for all conveyors. CMA is continuing to innovate and refine this idea to bring it to market as a standalone product.

The Roll-Over Idler is an innovative idler change system that means idlers are changed without personnel having to enter the confines of the conveyor. Changes are carried out from the safety of the walkway and without the use of lifting equipment.

Improving the speed and safety of idler maintenance to allow for timely replacement of failed idlers.

Reduces the risk of fire without compromising on production.

Use this on both our underground and surface conveyor solutions.


CMA’s solutions provide the pathway to full automation. We are working towards robotic operations to improve safety, remove workers from unsafe areas and increase potential production.

CMA has protected their innovations, systems and processes with international patents.
IP rights granted or pending in all target jurisdictions around the world.
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