Shifting the Needle: Innovation to Solve an Actual Problem

Ben Smith, Conveyor Manufacturers Australia Co-Founder and Director, recently delivered a presentation at the Future of Mining Conference in Sydney, which discussed the merits of solving business challenges such as lost time and waste, through process-innovation, rather than simply redesigning equipment.

CMA’s engineers have developed revolutionary modular underground and surface conveyor systems which shift the way things have always been done by: minimising manual handling in the construction and maintenance of conveyors; reducing conveyor stoppages and ensuring maximum available up-time; and, delivering conveyor systems which can be relocated and re-used.

Over 500 people attended the Future of Mining Conference in late March. A wide range of topics were covered during the conference, including:

· DISRUPTION IN MINING: insight into the social, geo-political and economic forces and market trends that have and will continue to reshape the mining industry today.

· INFLUENCING CHANGE: how companies are re-focussing their efforts on creating a united workforce in order to encourage innovation, collaboration and transparency.

· VALUE CHAIN OPTIMISATION: how the industry is striving towards a sustainable future with the application of new processes, systems and methods of communication.

· GAME CHANGING EQUIPMENT: how the latest technology is being applied across the mining lifecycle to improve the economics of existing mines and new projects including; remote cameras and sensors, haulage and hybrid loaders and drones.

· INNOVATION IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN: what innovation really means and how companies are taking the industry to new heights with advanced extraction, processing and exploration methods.

· BUILDING FROM THE BOTTOM UP: an analysis of the future of Mining, Equipment, Technology and Service Companies (METS) and how this sector will continue to drive innovation and investment.

· THE HUMAN EFFECT: deep dive into the process of de-minifying humans from our mines and the challenges facing companies as they reshape their organisations.

CMA was proud to stand alongside other ‘can-do’ leaders in the mining industry at this global event series.

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