Conveyor Manufacturers Australia Engages RFC Ambrian

Highlight: Conveyor Manufacturers Australia (CMA) engages leading independent advisor RFC Ambrian to assist the Company with the continued development and commercialisation of its revolutionary conveyor technologies.

Conveyor Manufacturers Australia (“CMA”) is pleased to announce the appointment of RFC Ambrian to assist the company in continued development and commercialisation of its revolutionary conveyor technologies, namely the underground Redline™ and surface Containerveyor™ systems. RFC Ambrian, a leading independent adviser, and investor in the natural resources sector, brings significant commercial and entrepreneurial expertise to CMA including a well-established track record in the commercialisation of heavy industrial technologies.

CMA, which is based in Rutherford NSW, has developed movable, relocatable, and reusable conveyor systems for the transport of bulk materials in both underground and surface settings. Its systems are designed to deliver step change improvements in productivity, safety, flexibility, and reduce costs. The Redline™ underground conveyor system can be extended or shortened while in operation, thereby reducing production interruptions due to conveyor downtime. The Containerveyor™ surface system, which is housed in modified shipping containers, is movable, reusable, and quick to install, thereby avoiding most of the issues associated with fixed infrastructure. These technologies, which offer increased flexibility and substantial increases to worker safety, have broad applications across various industries including mining, tunnelling, construction, civil works, and agriculture. (

RFC Ambrian is a leading independent adviser and investor in the natural resources market, specialising in the Metals & Mining and Energy sectors. The firm has close ties with research institutions and a strong track record of incubating and investing in the commercialisation of disruptive technologies, including PhotonAssay™ technology via Chrysos Corporation, and commercialisation of sensor enabled bulk ore sorting via NextOre. Through a combination of strategic, financial, and technical expertise RFC Ambrian assists high-potential industrial technologies in getting to market at scale. (

Ben Smith (Acting Managing Director) commented “CMA is very pleased to partner with RFC Ambrian at this important stage in the Company’s development as it prepares for first sales of its innovative conveyor systems in Australia and abroad”.

For further information, please contact:
Andrew Jolly, Chief Operating Officer
6 Shipley Dr Rutherford NSW 2320 Australia
mobile: +61 (0) 467 091 780 email:

About RFC Ambrian:
Information on RFC Ambrian is available on the company’s website at
For further information, please contact:
Rob Adamson, Executive Chairman
Level 12, Gateway, 1 Macquarie Place Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Phone: + 61 (0) 2 9250 0000 email:

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